Community Renewable Energy Groups

There are a number of organisations assisting community energy groups. Two which have helped us are:


Embark is a non-profit organisation focused on accelerating the uptake of community renewable energy projects by providing practical capacity-building tools and seed and investment funding.

Community Power Agency

The Community Power Agency was set up to support community groups in navigating the complex process of setting up a community owned renewable energy (CRE) project, believing that democratically controlled, distributed CRE projects will bring social, environmental and economic benefits to communities across Australia.

There are around 40 community renewable energy groups across Australia. Listed below are some with whom we have had contact.

Hepburn Wind

Blue Mountains Renewable Energy Co-op



Clear Sky Solar Investments

Clean Energy For Eternity


Community renewable energy has support at many levels. Please visit the web pages linked here to learn more.

NSW Government Office of Environment & Heritage

Clean Energy Council

Act On Facts

Southern tablelands renewables – a farmer’s guide to renewable energy