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CENREC has a number of project partners assisting us to make our vision a reality:

Skillset’s mission is to develop skilful people for the future, achieving business success through applied learning, building sustainable communities. The Skillset Board and staff are motivated by the role the organisation plays in building social cohesion and sustainable communities by facilitating skills acquisition and learning.

Skillset’s Flannery Centre is the building through which Skillset offers a range of sustainability focused initiatives that look to support local business and individuals in adopting the tools they need to work and live in a more sustainable way.

Skillset is focused on the future and aim to provide opportunities for people to lead full and productive lives in the communities that we serve. We reflect Australian national values of fairness, tolerance, a strong work ethic and the core democratic belief that everyone has an intrinsically valuable contribution to make. We have an emphasis on sectors of society that face disadvantage to enable them to make their contribution.

Skillset’s business practice must be sustainable so that future generations can enjoy the privileges and opportunities we have. For more information please visit

Infigen_Gradient logoInfigen Energy is a specialist renewable energy business. We have interests in 24 wind farms across Australia and the United States. With a total installed capacity in excess of 1,600MW (on an equity interest basis), we currently generate enough renewable energy per year to power over half a million households.

As a fully integrated renewable energy business in Australia, we develop, build, own and operate energy generation assets and directly manage the sale of the electricity that we produce to a range of customers in the wholesale market.

Infigen Energy trades on the Australian Securities Exchange under the code IFN. For further information please visit our website:

Prospective Partners

If your community group or business sees potential in partnering with us, please use the contact form below to briefly tell us how we can help.