AMA Position Statement on Wind Farms and Health 2014

On the 21 March 2014 the AMA released its Position Statement on Wind Farms and Health 2014.

AMA Vice President and Chair of the AMA Public Health Committee, Professor Geoffrey
Dobb, said the available Australian and international evidence does not support the view that
wind farms cause adverse health effects.

“The infrasound and low frequency sound generated by modern wind farms in Australia is well
below the level where known health effects occur,” Professor Dobb said.

“And there is no accepted physiological mechanism where sub-audible infrasound could cause
health effects.

“People living near wind farms who experience adverse health or wellbeing may well do so
because of heightened anxiety or negative perceptions about wind farms.

“The reporting of supposed ‘health scares’ or the spreading of misinformation about wind farm
developments may contribute to heightened anxiety.

“The regulation of wind farm developments should be guided entirely by the evidence
regarding their impacts and benefits.

“Community consultation and engagement at the start of the process is important to minimise
misinformation, anxiety, and community division.

“From a public health perspective, it is important to note that electricity generation by wind
turbines does not involve the production of greenhouse gases, other pollutant emissions or
waste, all of which can have significant direct and indirect health effects,” Professor Dobb said.

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