Flyers Creek Wind Farm Update

A lot of work is being undertaken by Infigen Energy on this project and a lot of it is going on behind the scenes, with regards to progressing the Flyers Creek wind farm project.  While the project was granted planning approval in March of last year, there are a lot of development conditions and studies to be done before construction can begin. Progress has been made with regards to flora and fauna and heritage studies on revised locations of power lines and relocating the proposed substation, as just two examples. These are moving towards completion and so work continues on other aspects of the wind farm’s development.

Grid connection studies have also been continuing to determine the grid connection design required to make sure the Flyers Creek wind farm has no detrimental impact on the electricity network (and vice versa). Steady state grid connection studies showed that the addition of the wind farm would tend to make the electricity grid more reliable as the Flyers Creek wind farm acted to stabilise the local network.

With the amended RET legislation passed by Parliament, there is plenty of ‘room’ in the 33 TWh LRET target for the 132MW (approx.) Flyers Creek wind farm project.  However, there is a lot of work to do with regards to turbine supply contracts, offtake agreements, and other contracts that need to be negotiated and agreed before construction can begin.