The transition to 100% clean, renewable energy is inevitable, not just because the reserves of fossil fuel are finite, but because the economic, political and social benefits will be acknowledged long before the reserves run out. Here are links to the sources which inform this website. (Right click to select Open in new tab)


AMA Position Statement

The cost of coal puts renewable myths in perspective

Link between wind farms and health problems rejected by research review

Wind Turbines and Health (NHMRC)

Economic value of U.S. fossil fuel electricity health impacts

Health benefits of climate action (CAHA)

Wind farms, sound and health Community information (Victorian Govt)

National Pollutant Inventory – Vales Point Power Station – 2011/12 report

NSW Planning Assessment Commission Determination Report Bodangora Wind Farm Project, Wellington LGA

Symptoms, Diseases and Aberrant Behaviours Attributed to Wind Turbine Exposure (Professor Simon Chapman)

Energy, sustainable development and health (World Health Organization)


The Electric Power System is Inefficient

Next-gen wind turbines with storage are cheap, reliable and brilliant

How it works: Solar power towers with integrated storage

The micro(grid) solution to the macro challenge of climate change (Distributed energy)


Clean energy investments create jobs in regional Australia + Clean Energy Jobs Snapshot_Central Tablelands

Developing nations close the renewable gap (latest investment figures in renewable energy)

Renewable Jobs Far Outstrip Fossil Fuel Employment (Berkeley study) Putting renewables and energy ef?ciency to work

Will Australian miners go for baseload solar to save costs?

Natural landscape

Avian mortality from windpower, fossil-fuel, and nuclear electricity


How Much Water Does It Take to Make Electricity?

How it Works: Water for Electricity


Southern tablelands renewables – a farmer’s guide to renewable energy


Gas price surge sends wrecking ball through energy markets

Public purse props up fossil fuel industries (2007)

Impact of green schemes on a typical residential electricity retail bill from 1 July 2013

Poll: Mining destroys Hunter property values

Energy subsidies (IEA)

Whipping up fear about wind farms: The property value stigma

Greenhouse gases

Why carbon’s ‘greening’ effect isn’t a good news story

Climate change not invisible to voters (Climate of the Nation 2013)

Polar melt shakes up food chain


Funding secured for Australia’s first Community Energy Congress

Exploring community acceptance of rural wind farms in Australia: a snapshot

Community Renewable Energy Sector Challenges and Opportunities

Dutch Wind Turbine Purchase Sets World Crowdfunding Record

Catch the wind of change (video)


Climate of the Nation 2013

Clean Energy Australia Report 2012

Infrasound levels near windfarms and in other environments (2013)

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Waubra community starts a new chapter, reclaims town’s name from anti-wind farm group

The way the wind blows (video)

Renewables data

Putting 100% renewables in perspective

Figure: Australian retail electricity price rises (From article How fossil fuel incumbents hope to tame solar juggernaut)

UNEP global trends in renewable energy investment June 2012

Clean energy jobs (prediction)

Wind to lead renewables in Oz, but solar will overtake

World Bank abandons coal, green light for clean micro-grids  (leaked policy proposal)

Australian Wind Energy Now Cheaper Than Coal, Gas, BNEF Says (Bloomberg New Energy Finance)

The economic impacts of wind farms on Scottish tourism (A report for the Scottish Government)

Impact of green schemes on a typical residential electricity retail bill from 1 July 2013

Dim future for coal as renewables rise