The Board members of CENREC have also been busy working to get CENREC ready for the day when Flyers Creek Wind Farm is announced.

CENREC has had a few changes at the Board level, our Chair Patrick Bradbery retired from being Chair, he is still a Director and continues to look after our finances and work on getting our rules and disclosure statement updated. Pat’s work as the Chair has been greatly appreciated. Tracey Carpenter also stepped down from the Board to run as the local Greens candidate for Bathurst at the State Election. Rachael Young stepped up to the Chair position and is making it her goal to raise the profile of CENREC. Our other Directors are Ashley Bland, Simon Wright, Brian Lederer and Jonathon Upson.

April, saw three of CENREC’s Directors head to Sydney to speak with Senator Dastyari about the Renewable Energy Target and the importance of retaining a strong target into the future. Due to our somewhat unusual status as a community renewable energy cooperative we have also made a submission to the Senate Inquiry into Cooperatives and Mutuals.

In May 2014 the Board decided that it was time to get some projects happening to raise some cash for CENREC and to help raise awareness of renewable energy in the area. To this end, CENREC is starting to explore some ideas of a community solar bulk buy centred around the Blayney Community.  If anyone is interested in putting some time into this project please contact Rachael at info@cenrec.com.au. Updates of our progress on this will come through future newsletters.

In June Rachael and Brian attended an event run by the South East Region of Renewable Energy Excellence (SERREE) in Canberra and learned all sorts of interesting things about what’s happening in the ACT – their 90% renewable energy target and focus on industry innovation is very exciting.  We also met lots of great people and we have been in the process of contacting all these people and following leads for funding and further support for CENREC.

Rachael will be meeting with the NSW Renewable Energy Advocate in late July to discuss CENREC, our goals and what possibilities there are for support in further developing and promoting our business model.


Flyers Creek Community Consultative Committee Meeting – 6pm 7 September 2015 at Blayney Community Centre.  Members of the public are welcome to observe the meeting.

CENREC AGM October – TBC A Meeting for members and people interested in CENREC to see what we’ve been up to.

Flyers Creek Community Consultative Committee Meeting – 6pm 16 November 2015 at Blayney Community Centre.  Members of the public are welcome to observe the meeting.