CENREC Board of Directors

CENREC’s founding board members were appointed on 17th October 2012. The founding Board are pictured below from L to R: Simon Wright, Tracey Carpenter, Buzz Sanderson, Rachael Young, Jonathon Upson, Pat Bradbery and Ashley Bland.

Directors Name: Relevant experience:
Dr Patrick Bradbery Bachelor of Science in Metallurgy, Diploma of Education, Diploma of Religious Education, Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Business Administration, Former Treasurer – Bathurst Wholefood Cooperative Ltd, Former Member of Australian Broadcasting Commission Advisory Council, Founding Chair – Bathurst Community Website Inc, former Executive Director – Australian Graduate Management Consortium, and, retired University Lecturer in Management.
Ms Rachel Young Bachelor of Natural Resources – University of New England, Masters of Environmental Studies- Macquarie University, former Sustainability Programs Manager for 16 local government councils (CENTROC).
Mr Ashley Bland Bachelor of Engineering, Australian Rural Leadership Graduate, Corporate and Sustainability Project Manager – The Flannery Centre, Mining Industry Project Manager, Primary Producer Horticulture, significant local community and voluntary experience, and renewable energy design and advocacy.
Mr Wayne Holgate
Ms Megan Richardson CENREC’s representative from Infigen Energy
position vacant